Sunday, January 28, 2007

My money

I become extremely indecisive when it comes to spending money on big items. I become easily agitated when things don't go my way with those big items. Why don't I have a problem with the little items? money is security, the little items aren't going to break the bank.
I want my main concern to be where my money is going and what its supporting. What kind of salary and benefits is the worker getting that picked the orange in my fruit dish. The worker in China that made the shirt I'm wearing. The factory worker who killed the cow in my fridge. How can I know these things?
It's extremely difficult to track down all the people that are in the process of each product I purchase. Google will only take me so far, but the decision to try and make an educated guess is a start. It will be a constant fight to get information most companies don't want me to know. But hopefully in the not so distant future companies with the best worker compensation will prosper, and the other companies will be forced to follow suit, or else go out of business.