Friday, November 27, 2009

Sports Talk Radio

Just wanted to rant on how deplorable local sports radio is in Lansing. If I want to hear sports talk in the morning going to work I'm forced to listen to AM730, or FM107.3. On AM730 is Mad Dog who half the time babbles on about nothing with his sidekick. The callers remind me of 30 somethings who have part-time jobs (by choice) and are living off and with their parents. The callers don't bother to actually educate themselves on sports content. Instead they call up blabbing on about how great, or bad their team is not having a clue what is the cause of their success, or demise. There is actually one exception, a caller who calls himself "the sheriff" who could easily do a better job than Mad Dog.

Tim Stout comes on next at 9am who does more advertising than actual talk. He spends most of his time talking about local high school sports which is the more painful than getting a root canal without any penicillin.

And then there is Huge on AM730 at 3pm. He must be getting paid by UofM because he's always sticking up for Rich Rodriguez and pumping up UofM's basketball team. And what's the deal with him always riding MSU basketball? He's always saying how Izzo can do no wrong with a hint of questioning in his voice. Izzo has done nothing wrong! He has the most Final Fours of any coach in the last ten years. Every player that Izzo has recruited has gone to a Final Four. Let's see what are the Spartan's ranked at this moment.........#2!!!

If you want to listen to a professional, check out Jim Rome at noon on FM107.3, or AM730. You can also catch Dan Patrick on FM107.3 from 9am-noon. They might be able to hire more people to assist them with making a better show, but we're talking ESPN Sports Center to the latest trash on the WB. You can't tell me there isn't someone better out there for local sports talk radio.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Under the Stove

This isn't the photo of what we found under our stove. That looks cute in comparison. It all began when Kim accidentally spilled oatmeal that went down the crack. You know the one that is between your stove and counter. The one you know countless crumbs and food items have made their way down, but you never bother to clean up.

There was just way too much oatmeal that spilled down the crack, it had to be cleaned up. The only way to do it would be to pull the stove out from between the counters. What I am about to confess is probably more common than anyone would like to admit, but in the almost 10 years I've been living in my house not once have I pulled out the stove. For all I know the stove has never been pulled out since the house was built.

As we pulled out the stove what lie underneath I didn't think was possible under any appliance. I didn't take a picture because it was beyond embarrassing. In fact, I have no idea how it didn't smell. But then I thought all those times where you would smell something nasty thinking it was coming out of the garbage, or disposal, maybe it was just off-gases coming from under the stove.

I won't mention everything I saw, just know I asked myself the same question a dozen times of how did that get down the crack. After mixing a strong solution of clorox, the removal of waste came up surprisingly fast with the help of a wire brush.

Take my advice and pull out your stove this weekend and clean underneath it. I was lucky, nothing living decided to take up residence. Or worse yet something unknown to earth growing under the stove.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Diaper Change

I asked Asher if he wanted to get his diaper changed today and he said no. I believe this is his first verbal answer to me. I never thought about this moment. You think about first steps, first words, but never first verbal answer to a question.

Kim just told me Asher has been saying no to everything she asks him lately with a big devious smile on his face, so were not sure if he actually knows what he is saying, or we have one really huge problem on our hands.