Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I actually forgot my New Year's resolution, but remembered it this morning. Pretty sad, but at least I remembered. So, for 2009 my resolution is to not take anything for granted. Here are my top ten things I took for granted in 2008:

1. My beautiful wife taking care of Asher, bills, the laundry, wonderful home cooked meals after a hard day of work.

2. Employment.

3. The most generous parents and in-laws that are always willing to help us out anytime, anywhere and with anything.

4. My 200,000+ car only needing $200 in engine repair. The $400 damage repair that I caused is not included.

5. Only one big house repair. New washer.

6. Forgiveness.

7. Love.

8. Friends.

9. Riverview.

10. Heat.