Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I got hit by a car today

I was walking along the crosswalk between the Ronald Mcdonald house and the Sparrow Professional Building on Holmes St. With my laptop in hand I looked up at the street light and it was red. I proceeded to step out onto the crosswalk and noticed a white Buick Regal slowly creeping its way up to me. I didn't think anything of it since I cross this intersection multiple times a week and cars are always waiting in line for the light to turn green.

After speaking to the police officer, #1 I will look at the street signal to see if the light is about to turn green. #2 I will try and make eye contact with the driver first in line at the light. If I would have done #2 I would have noticed the 70+ year old gal looking to her left paying absolutely no attention to me on her right. Jill decided to take a right on red. Later, the police officer told me this type of accident happens all the time. Since there will be no cars coming from the right, there is no reason to pay any attention to what is on the right side.

As I made my way across I noticed the white Buick Regal creeping its way a little too close for comfort. And just as this thought popped into my head, the white Buick Regal accelerated knocking me dead center onto the hood and my laptop flew into the road. I immediately got off the hood and yelled "what the hell were you thinking?". I'm actually surprised I didn't drop the f-bomb. Later on she asked me to call her so she knows I'm ok. I told her my lawyer would let her know.....just kidding.

I visited ER for 3 hours as they did some X-rays on my femur. My hamstring was tingling for 30 minutes, but no bruises. My laptop is working, but a little banged up. I am fine and have learned yet another reason why eye contact is the most important form of non-verbal communication.