Sunday, August 26, 2007


Our desire is unique. They are similar, but not one is exactly the same. Our desires motivate us in everyday decisions. Some desires are motivated by need, but most resolve around pleasure. I often wonder what GOD desires in His everyday decisions. I know from the Bible his two greatest desires for us are that we love him with all our strength, heart, mind, and soul. And his second greatest desire is that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

This seems logical. The first desire of GOD wanting us to have a relationship with Him, this helping us make the decisions GOD knows are best for us. The second desire, is that we love our neighbor meaning we want the best for them as we do for ourselves. I'm guessing GOD made these statements to hopefully steer people away from blowing themselves and others up with jets and bombs. And not retaliate with sending your neighbor halfway around the world to kill and be killed for freedom their neighbor. I realize there are alot of people not loving their neighbor around the world, but killing our neighbors because they aren't loving each other and us can't be the solution.

GOD wants us to desire what He desires. If we are all going to live peacefully together in Heaven, I'm sure GOD doesn't want the mayhem on earth to be a part of Heaven. GOD is love. The Bible says that we will be reborn into new bodies. I can only assume that this means not bringing one tendency that isn't love with us. I think if we did bring that one tendency it would be like a virus to our soul and Heaven.