Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Moment in Time

I missed my friends wedding last Sunday. I had a bad stretch of 3 days with lack of sleep because Asher kept getting up early because he would have a BM during his nap and was also getting up early in the morning. So Sunday rolled around and I just plain forgot about it. Lack of sleep does that to the memory. I have missed other events that I normally would have never forgotten before I had kids.

So I haven't spoken to my friend yet because I'm completely embarrassed. I hate the fact that I missed one of the greatest momements in her life that she wanted to share with me and my family. I just still can't believe I missed something I was talking about 3 days before and had on my calendar 2 months ago.

I realize I need to have a huge calendar on the door leading into my garage. Something I would see everyday unless I don't leave the house.