Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Boys of Summer

It's been a long hot summer. The mosquitoes reached an all time worse and it was the hottest summer since 1988. Asher got bit 5 times one day just going on a wagon ride to the other end of the neighborhood and back and it was at 6pm.

We went on a couple of trips. One to Mackinac island for three days and the other up to Silver Lake. The yearly Newman Family Reunion was a blast, Asher got to ride on a jet ski for the first time.

He got a balance bike for his birthday and has ridden the bike almost every day. Asher went up for a second time on a 4 seater prop plane at Oakland Airport. The first time he did it when he was 1. Asher had his first kayak ride at Uncle Bob's. His first day of pre-school was a couple weeks ago and had a special morning breakfast.

I can't believe he is already in school. Asher has a couple new friends next door. Cooper 2 and Carson 4 moved in this summer. Asher enjoys them very much and Carson always tells Asher how much he misses him if he doesn't see him for a couple of days.

Greyson had his first solid foods a couple months ago and is sitting up by himself. He enjoys biting things, trying to talk and can do a a 360 on the ground. He hasn't started to crawl but enjoys standing with assistance from the couch. I believe he got up for the first time with the help of a toy box, but unfortunately papa wasn't looking, so i can't verify this happened or not.

Kim is slaving away at home and I at work. Life with kids adds so much difficulty into ones life, but it's worth every annoying whining bit.......or so they say. Down the road it will get better, but for now embrace the exhaustion and know that all the hard work will pay off when they are model productive citizens making this world a better place. And if they aren't? I'm kicking their asses out as soon as they graduate from high school.

This last photo was on the way home from Silver Lake. Asher fell asleep playing with his pirate ship.