Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Remembering Jorai Mae Newman

This was taken from a draft i found in my gmail back on 12/26/07. I was planning on posting this but it never made it........

"Today I worked on the printer that printed Jorai's picture at her birth. The printer actually only needed a new color cartridge, but at the same time I felt an attachment to this printer. If I wasn't able to fix it and needed to replace it, I know I would have brought it home. I don't know if this is healthy, but I find myself not wanting to part with anything that had anything to do with Jorai.

At home we still haven't taken down the pictures, cards, and Jorai's ashes that sit on the wood trunk in our living room. I wanted them up until the end of this year. I never understood when people would tell me after their loved ones departed from this world that they still felt them alive, or in some way felt that they were still with them. I do feel Jorai is still alive."

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I saw a "never satisfied" bumper sticker and felt a sadness for the driver of that car.

The other day I saw a Ford commercial and they dropped in a line stating they now have the same quality as Toyota. So I'm trying to find out exactly when Ford was able to match Toyota's quality. Does this mean all the models of Ford were matched at the same time? America deserves to know when this quality standard was acheived so we know not to buy any Ford products prior to that date.

Dark Horse, my favorite brewery in Michigan has released another batch of Sapient BelgianTriple Ale. It is now available only at E. Lansing Oade’s Big Ten, or if you feel like driving
to the Dark Horse brewery in Marshall.

Go see Ben Stein's film "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." Amazing!