Thursday, February 21, 2008

Neti Pots

My wife tracked all the people coming to her blog and realized that most of them came because they searched for Neti Pots. She had Neti Pots as the title of one of her blogs. So I'm attempting to get more traffic. Sorry, I apologize for misleading you, but this blog has nothing to do with Neti Pots. The things we do for attention.

I notice more and more people seem to say, "this book is our bible". Today it was a reference to a database. On another day it was Wikipedia. I find this extremely fascinating, because whether you believe that the Bible is GOD's one and only collection of writings that He wrote through man, or not, it's interesting how we go to documents as our one and only source for specific topics of knowledge. Whatever the subject is we all have our bible's. It makes sense that GOD would leave a book for life.


Adam R. Crawford said...

The Bible is my Bible.

Phoenix Rising said...

i think the more you blog, the more traffic you'll get. you're right though, i do get quite a bit from people searching for both netti pots and the never ending story. bizarre.

Phoenix Rising said...

oh, and phoenix rising porn. still have no idea what that is! thank goodness. but yes, people come to my blog looking for phoenix rising porn. scary! i'm sure they're quite disappointed when my blog flashes their screen!!