Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Truth is at War with the Lies

I think back to all the roads I have traveled down, all the people I've met around the world. So many places, faces, and decisions. At times completely out of control in so many different ways. All these decisions that I've made and life has brought me to this point.

I think most people look at everything in their life as a bunch of random events with good and bad results. I believe in an order in the universe. I'm not saying something was controlling me when I wasn't in control, but I believe our decisions are covered by the order. If the order doesn't cover one of our decisions I don't believe that decision can be brought into fruition. The order doesn't agree with all our decisions, it just allows them to take place with the good and the bad for reasons unknown to me, except in conjunction with my understanding of free will. Its just the way the universe was set up at the beginning of time. In my opinion I don't think the mind was created to fully conceive it, just respect the order and be content and at peace with it.

I think we were meant to learn and understand about the order to help us choose the intended paths for our lives. Many people will just say its all a bunch of meaningless random decisions and events that happen to us all, but i believe all our decisions matter. Each decision takes us down a different path. Each decision brings us closer, or further away from the truth. I believe the truth will set you free. But I thought the truth would be easy. The truth is difficult. The truth is at war with the lies.