Friday, June 22, 2012

A Boy and His Balloon

Our neighbor brought over three helium balloons with garage sale printed on them. When Greyson received his balloon his face lit up with the most excited smile in the world. Receiving that balloon meant so much to him. Probably more than any of else will ever understand because none of us can remember back that far. I took Greyson for a stroller ride that beautiful day. As I looked at him his hair was blowing in the cool breeze. It's one of those moments that you realize this is what its all about being human. Strolling along appreciating the perfect day on this floating rock in space realizing its a complete miracle that we are alive with individual consciousness to do as we please enjoying the beauty of this world. The innocence we are born with and is quickly lost. Greyson is still in that innocence and I see him starting to get jaded by those around him namely Asher who has lost his innocence and is learning how to deal with the dark cruel reality of human nature. Through his super hero cartoons he is seeing good guys and bad guys and learning about good and evil. I tell him its all made up and there are no super heros, but in a way we all need to be super heros and fight against the evils of this world. I was taken back on that stroll with Greyson. I was taken back to my innocence and experienced it from a smile with a boy and his balloon.

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