Thursday, June 16, 2005

“well GOD made it good, I’m just making it better.”


  • The other day I asked my friend, if GOD created the world and said it was good, then why isn’t a lawn good enough if it has weeds, isn’t thick enough, or needs to be a deeper shade of green? He said, “well GOD made it good, I’m just making it better.”

    “GOD made it good, I’m making it better.” The other day I was riding my bike and a stronger than usual chemical smell caught my attention. As I looked to my right there was a proud True Green sign planted in someone’s front lawn. On my bike rides a wide spectrum of smells from roadkill to the beautiful smell of mint find my olfactory nerve. But the smell of those chemicals is always the worse. Just like hydrogenated oils, bleached (enriched) flour, bleached white rice, food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, the modification (evolution) of man is transforming nature and transforming our ideals.

    We need to remember that modification of anything is done for a reason. In the case of these foods I’ve listed, it is longer shelf life, less cost, and more appealing to the eyes. Synthetic fertilizer companies have used all 3 of these principles to make us think the perfect lawn is a necessary part of our estates. All manmade chemicals and manmade food have side effects. This means they weren’t meant for the ecosystem or our bodies.

    What if all the money spent for fertilizing, landscaping, and watering one’s lawn was spent on water wells, irrigation systems, and seed for poor starving regions of the world? If I only knew that sum, but I guarantee millions would not die of starvation. How have our lawns become more important than lives?

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