Friday, May 05, 2006

Freedom of Expression

I would have liked to have done more research on what I’m about to write, but I need to type these thoughts down before they escape. Those of you who have been to my house have seen my walls laden with scripture and pictures of Jesus. Amongst that are articles and pictures of the starving and helpless and people that have turned their lives around giving all credit to GOD.

Lately I have come to a crossroads about the interior of my house. I can feel how uncomfortable many people have been inside my house. I have even had someone tell me its extremely obsessive and quite spooky. Well, on the obsessive side, I just chose to exchange filling in the void with GOD instead of the once sports, or once cars. People are used to seeing everything but GOD filling up a house, I can personally understand.

So where does one draw the line about expressing what he or she has chosen to be king of their mountain? There is obviously nothing wrong with putting up sports memorabilia all over one’s house. Nothing wrong with putting something collectible all over one’s house. Nothing wrong with putting posters of cars, favorite bands, favorite sports team, or even women all over your house, but I doubt a wife would be much inclined leaving them up. There is nothing wrong with putting basically anything you want all over your house because its………your house!

So why am I at these crossroads? Why does it matter whether someone likes whats in my house or not…..
So if the whole church comes together and everyone speaks in tongues, and some who do not understand or some unbelievers come in, will they not say that you are out of your mind? 1Corinthians14:23
I feel not understanding tongues is like listening to the babble of an infant. To those who walk into my house and don't understand why there is so much scripture on my walls, what could of been understood will drown from information overload. GOD will be my house’s idol and it will be known, but where I am leaving these crossroads is making the decision to make sure subtly that everyone who enters my house know’s GOD is King of my house, but not doing it so that it gives off a tyrannical impression, or for one to say……u r out of your mind!


thejrmillers said...

are there other ways you can express what's in your heart w/in the confines of your home w/o it making others uncomfortable???

CorpseGristle said...

Rock on I think it's awesome that you are doing that man, it seems like a lot of people are caught up on putting up their sports memorbilia or beer cups or whatever. And what not a better piece of scenery than the creator of the universe. I think it's sweet steve. By the way I got your blog address from Jason hope you dont mind me peeping in on your thoughts man. Later. This is Trevor.