Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday was a bad day, i guess that's pretty evident. I often wonder if I'm pissing people off just as much as they are pissing me off? It's possible, but I don't think so, wow, what if I'm wrong about that, what if I am pissing people off just as much as they are pissing me off. What if they are blogging at this very moment about how much people piss them off and they are absolute angels and don't deserve such terrible treatment in the world. But they are the blind ones, not me. I'm the good one.

Hmmmm, "I'm the good one". This makes me think about some discussions I have gotten into with friends. The discussion is what makes one good, or bad. We end up comparing ourselves to some legalistic standard pulled out of our butts. And then we go on feeling good about ourselves for awhile until the conversation arises again. Since the conversation keeps coming up then we haven't justified our actions enough, because we can't, so we keep having to try and convince ourselves by tweaking that legalistic standard we pulled out of our butts.

The Bible says in Psalm 14:1-3 that not one of us is good. I guess you could take it as the author was speaking of a certain group of people from that time. But I ask you the question what group of people do you know today that are good? But just remember that legalistic standard you pulled out of your butt is from your butt.

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