Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Edward O. Wilson

Last night I went to hear Edward O. Wilson speak at MSU. This man is considered to be one of the leading scientist in the world. He spoke on the urgency for us to come together and do something about the destruction of our planet. His focus was on informing the audience the details of science that at least have never been discussed to me from anyone:

  • Estimated by experts that only 10% of the species on earth have been found.
  • We have found 1.8 million species. In 1988 we had found 1.3.
  • In one human, the ratio of bacteria to every one cell in the body is 100 to 1.
  • There are 3 billion chemical based pairs that make up one human body and each body is unique.
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If the human genome were a book it would span from New York to Dallas and within each inch, a hundred letters from each base pair would need to be read off! I was going to entitle this post mind boggling because those are the only words that come to me, it just doesn't seem possible that all of this could just come together from chance through evolution.

The fact that we are all unique. This means the 3 billion long line of code has to first evolve from chance and then takes on a mind of its own when it comes together to create each new baby.

500 different kinds of bacteria live in our mouth and throat which do a number of things including keeping pathogens out. How many are in the digestive system? There are 20,000 species of nematodes that have been found and an estimated 480,000 that are still waiting to be found. Edward said that it has been proven that certain species of nematodes populate certain regions and are believed to be all woven together somehow serving a purpose.

The main point of his speech was that there are so many things in this world that we don't know, and we are destroying them one by one as we build our civilization on earth. We must find ways to preserve the ecosystem or else we might be the next to go just like the latest species that has become extinct.

A friend of mine who also attended the lecture posted below on October 23rd:


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Adam and Sara Wyse said...

Awesome thoughts! I agree with you in the intricacy of what He has created... God is awesome! I left that presentation thinking about how great our God is to have created this much diversity, and also how it must break His heart that many of us care so little for what He has made.