Friday, August 29, 2008

Eyes to His World

I was telling the story of my Eyes to My World post from August 16 to a co-worker and she said you know that saying, "the eyes are a gateway to the soul"? I actually thought that was scripture, but just a quote from Herman Melville. So she went on to explain that maybe it was me looking at Asher's pure soul that made me want to run instead of Asher looking at mine.

So at that moment when my co-worker was giving me this different scenario, I thought of a story I once heard of a man who when entering Heaven was all of a sudden stricken with this immense pain that hurt so much he had to leave and his only other choice was Hell. Could this be the very reason why Jesus must wash away our sins and make us pure so that we will be able to enter into Heaven?

This makes me think of the dust free environments some industries need in order to create a product. Once the product is made dust can touch it, but it must always be protected from the inside. I guess the same thing can be said of how we were made, we would never survive without our skin. I think the same goes for Heaven, but the cleansing we need goes way beyond the material and has everything to do with the spiritual. But we just don't have the capacity to create the spiritual cleansing we need in order to be in a place that cannot have one hint of falling short of who GOD needs us to be in His home. So there is absolutely no way we could enter Heaven on our own. Our spiritual being has been ruined by living in this world. We need something, or someone to cleanse us and prepare us for something we can't possibly do on our own. We need an intercessor.

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Smartin said...

Hi Steve,

Firstly, congratulations to you and Kim. Asher is such a beautiful baby!

I read this blog, then read "Eyes to My World". Very cool story.

Has our spiritual being been ruined? Consider this...

Our destiny may be ordained by higher powers. Yet, we are blessed with the gift of being able to choose our path as we walk through this life.

Do not be afraid to show your son the world in your eyes. The greatest gift you can give him is to teach him how to choose his path.

Kind Regards,

Andy Holaday