Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Hate People

It's amazing what comes out of our mouths when we are at our peak of anger and frustration. Yes, i said, "I hate people" Friday morning. I had an extremely bad morning at work. My laptops hard drive died so I had to reload windows and lost some important documentation that couldn't be recovered. I was also confronted with a slew of problems that I couldn't get resolution in a timely manner.

It didn't help that the biggest problem was caused by another employee in my department who didn't document anything and most likely either remembered wrong, or never checked what the IP address was on the device so he randomly chose an IP address in the lot for that area and knew someone else would eventually be called to fix the issue. I could go further with this, but I have decided I need to confront this person on Monday. It wouldn't be right to sit hear and vent anymore negativity about this individual.

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