Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jorai Mae & Selah Mae Newman

It's hard to really want to do anything right now but just what needs to be done to keep up our household. I really believe Asher is Kim and I's saving grace through all this misery.

I keep thinking about having a website for Selah and Jorai. A site full of information for those that are going through the same loss. Also a place maternity wards can come to and learn about what needs to be said and done for those suffering in those rooms that were meant for overwhelming joy from the birth of a child.

I can't believe how many people have come to us with their stories of a stillborn, whether their own, or someone close to them. This world has so much darkness in it and we do such a great job of hiding it. I don't want Selah and Jorai to be forgotten. And somehow, someway I want them to help bring comfort and information to others through their website.

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