Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm a little perturbed. Lately Asher has been taking an object and banging it on anything he decides to bang it on. Let's say for example a plastic flute Kim just bought him. We show him how to use it and instead he runs around the house banging it on items. We then chase him down and what does he do right before we take it out of his hands. He starts to play it, just like we showed him how in the firstplace. And then after we back off and think he now understands how to use the item, off he goes running around hitting things with it. This has also happened with chalk and spoons. Just when I'm about to take it away, off he goes back to the chalkboard, or puts the spoon in his mouth just like we showed him.

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Peter Cole said...

Solution: Build a giant mechanical flute that can grab him and bang him on stuff. I bet he'd learn pretty quick after that.