Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mornings Off

I decided to take off 2 weeks of mornings from work to help Kim with the adjusting process from 1 to 2 children. One of my priorities was to get Asher out of the house to give Kim a break and also get some vital one on one time with Asher to let him know Greyson isn't taking up all of Mama and Papa time.

Monday we took the Element into the Honda Dealer to get some recall work done. It only took an hour. Then we were off to the MSU sheep farm to hang out with the barn cats and sheep. I think there are as many cats as sheep.

Tuesday we went to the Holt Library for some reading for kids done by the librarians. Asher tried 3 times to sit on the librarians lap while she read the books to the children. Just like he does when Mama, Papa, Grandma, Grandma and Aunt Sandy read to him.

Wednesday the whole family went to get Asher's first hair cut. Well, it was more of a trim. We don't want him to lose his baby curls.

Thursday Asher and I were off to Jumping Jax with his friend Nathaniel aka Nay Nay. Asher and Nay Nay had a run in with the "bad boys". As I conversed with another parent Asher and Nathaniel were on one of the inflatables when I heard Asher start to cry. I went over and asked what happened and Asher told me one of the two boys that were wrestling hit him. I watched one of the bad boys pull the others collar choking him as he tried to get away. I called the aggressor over to me and asked him the whereabouts of his mother. The beautiful little 3 year old then growled at me and turned around and ran off. He then went over to the slide and hit Nay Nay on the head. I had enough and grabbed the beautiful child and walked him over to a group of parents not paying any attention to where or what their kids were doing. Yes, I snitched on him to his mother. Later, I found out it might not of been his mother but the daycare employee.

Friday morning I gave Asher some karate lessons. You gotta be careful what you teach a 2 year old.

Over the weekend we went sledding on Saturday and watched Asher's second cousin William play little league hockey. Asher wanted to transform his bike helmet into a goalie helmet. Coolest goalie helmet I've ever seen, only problem is seeing the puck. Uncle Haven came into town Sunday afternoon and spent the night.

Monday morning Asher, Uncle Haven and I went to Valhalla Park. The snow still hadn't melted around the play scape. We went for a great walk through the woods. Love this park.

Kim found out from a friend that the local fire station gave private tours. I called on Wednesday and scheduled a visit for Thursday morning. I had no idea we would get an exclusive tour by the fire chief himself. Asher said he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Asher got his first belt. As soon as Kim put it on him he did a little dance. We named it the belt dance.

Friday it was breakfast with my friend Joel at the Pad. Interesting little restaurant. Frog memorabilia line the walls along with a huge pile of frog stuffed animals and toys Asher played with during breakfast. Hence frog leg Fridays.

And Greyson he's doing great. He's been a little under the weather, but doing fine. No pictures please!

So that sum's up the two week's of mornings I had off. Tomorrow it's back to the 8-5 grind.

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